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“Craig Wright is
a brilliant analyst
of the game. You
know how that
goes – ‘intelligent’ means that he
agrees with me; ‘brilliant’  means
that I agree with
him but I never
would have thought
of it myself.”

Bill James
Senior Baseball Advisor
Boston Red Sox


The Baseball Column

After three years THE DIAMOND APPRAISED column has ceased publishing. This site is being maintained for information purposes and on the chance that Craig Wright might resume writing the column at some point down the road. He is continuing to do the sister publication “A Page from Baseball’s Past.”

I wrote the book The Diamond Appraised (Simon & Shuster) over 20 years ago, and this column was meant to be a sort of extension of that book, a “Diamond Re-Appraised.”

The audience of The Diamond Appraised column was a small eclectic mix. It ranged from the self-described “typical baseball fan” to members of the media (print, radio, and TV are all represented), and both former and current baseball executives. There were even players, both current and retired.

I spent 21 years in major league baseball pioneering a more scientific approach to the game. In my retirement I felt I more than kept up enough with the game to maintain relevance to what I wrote about. A former GM complimented one column as “One of the best baseball articles I have ever read.”  Another baseball executive sent me a kind note in regard to another column and said, “This type of work is the very reason you should be involved with a Major League team today.” I am not going back to that prior career; I leave that to the next generation, but I still care very much about the game, and find it interesting and fun.

I appreciate your stopping by. While the column is no longer in publication, you may enjoy looking at some of the samples, mostly from the first year of the column.


Craig Wright


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The ongoing series of stories, Pages from Baseball’s Past, is written and researched by Craig Wright. It has been delighting fans on the radio for a quarter century, and now you

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The Diamond Appraised baseball column is dedicated to Eddie Robinson