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Craig R. Wright


Craig R. Wright worked 21 years in major league baseball, primarily in the area of player evaluation. He was one of the early pioneers taking an approach that integrated science with baseball. He is most often associated with the Texas Rangers where he got his start in the early 1980s, but his longest association with a big league team was a 10-year run as a year-round consultant to the Los Angeles Dodgers. During that period the Dodgers had the second best record in the league, trailing only the Atlanta Braves.

From 1989 to 1996, he also provided a supplemental Advance Scout service for post-season play that was used by six pennant winners and four World Champions. He ended that service to have the time to work two years as a year-round consultant to the Arizona Diamondbacks in their preparation for their expansion draft, the first to produce a 40-homer player and two All-Star players.

He also was a consultant for a dozen years with STATS Inc, designing their products for major league teams and some cross-over products used by the media. He is the primary author of The Diamond Appraised (Simon & Shuster), which was translated into Japanese and led to the addition of the Hanshin Tigers to his client list. He also is the co-author of The Man Who Stole First Base (Taylor Publishing) which is a collection of stories from the long-running radio show A Page from Baseball’s Past, which he also researched and wrote. (The show was created in partnership with Eric Nadel who was the producer and voice of the show.) There is now a popular subscription text version of the show, enhanced by pictures, charts, research notes (see advertisement at the right). His third book, Pages from Baseball’s Past (ACTA Sports) came out in Nov-2013.

Craig lives in his beloved Montana with his wife, Cathy. Their daughter Laina is a graduate of Macalester College and currently lives in California. Their son Joshua lives and works in Missoula, MT.

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The first business card in baseball using the title “sabermetrician” caused quite a stir in those days.

I stopped using that title around 1990 because the meaning had shifted too far from a scientific approach to baseball to one focused on statistical analysis of baseball.


Like a lot of folks who find themselves saddled with a public persona, there have been things put out in the public domain about my career that are off the mark — sometimes to the point of being exactly the opposite of the truth or literally involving a completely different person. You get used to having to live with such nonsense, and it was a delight to realize that here was an opportunity to correct some of the false notions. For example, a writer for the Associated Press once wrote an article criticizing the impact my book The Diamond Appraised had on pitching practices in baseball, and specifically credited it with helping to kill the 4-man pitching rotation — a rather remarkable charge given the chapter in the book titled “Bring Back the Four-Man Rotation.” It turned out the writer had never even seen the book, and apologized for being misled without checking out the facts.

There is also a bit of confusion where some folks have written that I worked with the Seattle Mariners under Bill Bavasi. This appears to stem from a newspaper interview where Bavasi talked about trying to hire me, and somewhere along the line someone missed the part in that story that noted that I declined. For the record, I never worked for the Mariners at any time in my career.

Another well off the mark claim that was recently brought to my attention was a baseball executive who did an interview where he mentioned knowing me back in the early 1980s and that I “went on to be the founder of STATS Inc.” I did have an association with STATS Inc where for several years they were the one client of my consulting business that was not a team. I designed their products for the major league teams, and they advertised me as their “Director of Major League Operations,” but I certainly was not the founder of the company or involved in its startup.

To help straighten out a few other things, I have five sub-pages you can visit:

My problem with “Moneyball,” by Michael Lewis

My Corrections and Additions to “The Numbers Game,” by Alan Schwarz

Wikipedia Twisting the Truth - Voros McCracken Entry

Correcting the Perception of My Role in the Rockies “Hampton-Neagle” Signings

That's not me.


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The ongoing series of stories, Pages from Baseball’s Past, is written and researched by Craig Wright. It has been delighting fans on the radio for a quarter century, and now you can get the enhanced
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The Diamond Appraised baseball column is dedicated to Eddie Robinson